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What’s your favorite month to be out east?

I Love New York at any time of the year but the fall is my favorite. I love to see when the trees turn from green to a myriad of different bright colors. It’s a perfect time to go on a road trip to view those majestic colors. Ah…I miss this season already 🙂

Tell me a little more about what you do for a living and how that came about?
Gosh…I’ve never thought in my life I would say something like: “I have been a stay-at-home mom for over 12 years”, when I realized that, I envisioned my life five years from now and didn’t like what I was looking at at all. That day my inner voice led me to take an action over my life and create something that would bring me inspiration and motivation to wake up each morning with a purpose. 

Tell us more about your business how it started and what was the inspiration / catalyst?
The idea came to me in mid pandemic when we didn’t even know how and when we were going to get out of it. I’ve always wanted to create something but didn’t know what and how. I knew I wanted to have a business as e-comm and direct-to-consumer. I have spent hours on various online marketplaces staring on multiple images of outfits but couldn’t find the one that would take me through my day in comfort and style. This gave me an idea of creating an outfit that would solve this problem.

This is how WHEN & WHERE was created. It started with the frustration and the hopes of finding an outfit that would give me a flexibility of wearing it all day long and on different occasions without a need of changing into multiple outfits. Being a busy mom of 3 who is always on the go, I have been constantly challenged by what to put on in the morning to make me feel both elegant and motivated to fit in my daily workout, which always becomes harder as the day goes on. Plus, I wanted to feel polished and put together but often didn’t have time to put the effort and the choices I made didn’t always reflect how I wanted to look.

A year later the idea was turned into a brand with a vision to become a sustainable global athleisure brand that offers style, comfort, performance and elegance in each piece of clothing that is proudly produced in New York meeting the global standards of sustainability using high quality eco-friendly fabrics and materials; delivering value to the employees and providing an exceptional customer satisfaction.

Today, WHEN & WHERE is offering multi-tasking wardrobe solutions take you through all of your daily activities without the need for multiple outfit changes. Whether you are going to the gym or to a meeting, this clothing can handle your challenging schedule with ease, so you can feel in control, polished and put together regardless of where your day takes you.

I definitely see a bright future for this brand!

What do you want someone from another country to know about the Hamptons that nobody other than a local could tell them?
It’s a very unique place with a great food, amazing beaches and a cool summer vibe.

Best place to eat in all of the Hamptons in your opinion?My favorite place is Moby’s – the coolest family restaurant with a great food and an incredible outdoor space – a loan with bunch of fun and cool things for the kids to explore and be occupied while parents are having a delicious lunch or dinner!!!

Most charming month in the Hamptons?
I would say August when the weather is still warm and less rainy.

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