How to Dry Fresh Lavender | Hamptons Moms

There are multiple ways of drying lavender. Most lavender drying enthusiasts suggest sticking to the manual drying methods to ensure that the quality of blossoms and plant essential oils are maintained.

Counter drying lavender

Lavender dries fairly quickly, simply harvest a few stalks. The simplest method is to simply lay the cut stalks flat on a dry countertop or table.

You can also spread it out on some old newspaper or a drying rack. You should ensure to keep your stalks are laid flat in the process. The lavender flowers will feel brittle once they’re done the drying.

Dry bunching

Cut a bunch of lavender stalks making sure that you leave a few inches of stem on the cut stalk. Group about 15 – 20 stalks together and tie them with an elastic band. This band will make sure that the stalks stick together while drying. You can always decorate it with colorful ribbon bands if you want it to be prettier to look at.

Once set, hang each bundle in a dark, warm, and dry place, like your basement or cellar. Make sure to hang it upside down to help retain its blossom shape. Keeping it in a dark and dry place will help the lavender keep its scent and color from fading fast. It is still important though to leave enough space to allow air to travel between the stalks.

Humid surroundings will cause mold to grow on the lavender stalks, rendering them useless. You can hang it from a wall peg, metal hook or a wire clothes hanger.

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