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How many children do you have? Tell me more about them! 

I have one daughter, her name is Mikayla. She is 3.5 years old. Praying for more to come!

Do you live out east year round? If not where do you live and why do you like it out east?

I am a proud Northforker!

I moved from NYC to the North Fork 5 years ago and every year I fall in love with this area even more.

The laid-back and rich in nature “NoFo” is the perfect place to live a holistic life.

From shopping at premier organic farms, tasting the freshest food at farm-to-table restaurants, sipping local wine at welcoming top-notch vineyards, relaxing at uncrowded beaches to walking in dreamy lavender fields filled with bumblebees and butterflies.

This is the land that inspired us to live mindfully and also the inspiration behind my company’s branding – No Faux Mindful Beauty & Wellness.

NO FAUX = NO FAKE in french

No Faux is named after “NoFo,” 


Where do you reside out east? 

We live in Wading River which is the beginning of the Northfork


What is your favorite beach in the Hamptons? 

We love Coopers Beach

Favorite month to be out east? 

We are out east all year round but tend to enjoy the Northfork’s farms, vineyards and restaurants – we tend to do our shopping at local and organic farms and buy seasonal -from spring to fall. Then we enjoy the Hamptons during the summer to visit friends from NYC.

So I don’t have a “one” favorite month – every month and season has its wonders and gifts!


Best place to watch a sunset?

Our favorite place to watch the sunset is the Wading River beach in front of La Plage, Restaurant – its this cute little beach – 5 min from my home. That’s my zen place.

Our branding photoshoot was there and we did it during a cold October afternoon and the sunset pictures we got were so breathtaking! As we were shooting, we couldn’t believe the amazing colors we were experiencing – from ranges of pinks, oranges and lilacs!

Best place for happy hour?  

I’m not familiar with happy hour places

Best place for date night? 

I love the Manhaden Hotel in Greenport and also Gurneys in Montauk and La Plage Restaurant is our romantic spot then followed by a walk in the beach during sunset hours.

Favorite restaurant that’s under the radar? 

La Plage, Wading River – it is truly my favorite in the whole island! They’ve been in business for over 25 years!

What restaurant do you feel is so busy and well known but 100% worth the hype? 
Lulu Kitchen in Sag Harbor

Favorite children’s store? 

We always make our stop at Le Petit Blue

Favorite women’s clothing store? 

I’m not a big in person shopper – I do online shopping


Best restaurant for kids out east?

I am not sure as my little one eats wherever we take her… and we truly enjoy cooking together and hosting at home dinners.

Best summer day, what would it look like? 

Starting by waking up early meditating and doing yoga/pilates then going out to pick up organic groceries at local farms, prepping a beautiful healthy brunch for family and friends, head to the beach, come back home for al fresco BBQ and finish at the vineyards for live music and wine!

Favorite workout in the Hamptons? Other than chasing your kids around!? 

I tend to do at home yoga/pilates classes!

But this summer I’m definitely going to try the Surf Lodge Sanctuary in Montauk and hope to catch a Melissa Wood Health class – she inspires me so much!

Hardest part about being a mom? 

I think the hardest part is being a ‘working’ mom – when I worked doing marketing it was hard leaving my daughter to go to an office… now that I work from home, it is still hard for me to find the balance of doing work and juggling housework and giving my daughter the attention she deserves while I do work.

I am a mindful mom and I don’t want my daughter to ever feel that I pay more attention to my computer and phone more than her!

So I try to structure my days in blocks – where I blend our mommy and me times with work in a seamlessly way. 

My mornings are all about us – where I dedicate time for myself early in the morning, then give all the attention to my daughter by creating bonding self-care rituals, we cook breakfast together then we do a learning activity – once she is entertained doing “her work” – mommy does hers… and that’s how our days goes and it has been working the best!


Tell us more about your business, what do you offer?

My company focuses on Mindful & Holistic beauty services to improve overall wellness – our HOT service is Holistic Rejuvenation which includes FACE YOGA. 

Our main target market is females from moms to brides-to-be and now we are branching to kids!

We have had a lot of male interest as well after we have done Fashion Week providing Mindful Beauty services to male models.


Our main goal is to spread the word of SELF-LOVE through SELF-CARE and being able to create a female tribe where we support women from early in life, to when they get married to the transition of becoming moms. 


Nowadays with technology we have been lacking the human connection or coming together to relax, unwind and connect. We strive to provide that safe space for women to join and be empowered to take charge of their own beauty and wellness through learning holistic tools.


Upcoming Business Events + Partnerships? 

I am partnering with several wellness places and Spas in the North Fork and South Fork this 2020 – as of now I can disclose two names – Special Effects Spa, Salon + Tea House in Greenport where we are launching our Mindfully Wed services and also our Holistic Rejuvenation program and Face Workout Facials.


 And just fresh from the press – we have an amazing partnership with Float Away Wellness Spa in Riverhead.


If you want to experience Vinyasa with Pilates moves, Mindful beauty and experience the healing benefits of the Salt Lounge – our FLOW+GLOW+UNWIND class on Fridays at 11AM – 12:30PM is your class!


We are launching our 5-week Holistic Rejuvenation Challenge starting on 3/12 – were our clients take before and after to prove the results of their work – this includes face yoga, ancient tools, holistic nutrition tips, mindfulness, aromatherapy and of course –  salt lounge sessions!


And for the little ones and their moms – we are launching the ‘Mindful Kids + Moms” classes – ranging from Kids Mindfulness and Vinyasa Flow, express Mommy & Me meditations and free play at the Pink Salt lounge!


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