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I always try to curate the Advertisers so that they are a really organic fit not only with my following but also to my vision for what I want Hamptons Moms to embody. 

For me, the Hamptons have always been synonymous with the beach, horses, and Art. The natural beauty is so profound that it shakes you to the core and stays with you throughout your life no matter what other beaches you travel to. When I connected with Joanne’s son who explained Joanne and his connection to the East End I felt instant synergy and an instant bond. I too grew up on Long Island, share a passion for Riding Horses and love Art deeply. When Tom (Joanne’s son) explained Joanne to me as a female Bob Ross I just knew she would be perfect for the Hamptons Moms audience. Who doesn’t want to learn to draw, sketch and paint by someone who soothes you and encourages you? Heck, Bob Ross had me painting so many happy trees I think I only sketched trees for like 8 years. The first thing Joanne ever drew was a horse. She grew up on Long Island where she drove her parents crazy trying to persuade them that they could keep a horse in their small backyard (me too Joanne, me too! I finally got my horse one day!). At 40, she gave herself the gift of riding lessons (I love this!) and for the past 22 years has stayed involved in the horse world as an artist, philanthropist spectator, and pleasure rider.

Joanne’s background is less equine and more Fine Art. With support from her family, she pursued the arts. She went on to earn a degree in art education from SUNY New Paltz. Even with talent and training, she felt intimidated about entering the New York art scene. Her sister Mary went behind her back and submitted her works to a gallery in Woods Hole, (Cape Cod) who then displayed and sold her art. This gave Joanne the confidence to approach the intimidating 1980s Manhattan art scene.

Life has not always been kind to Joanne, but through it all, she has worked to be a force for good in living an ethical life as well as raising her two children. She sees what she calls a “creative and therapeutic void” in our current society and is determined to fill it by using art to spread a feeling of well-being to the masses. Joanne feels that it is our innate duty to create and that art lessons should not be a large expense or viewed as a luxury. With Joanne’s guidance, the children of the Hamptons are about to walk into Picasso’s greatest vision. 

Pablo Picasso was quoted as saying “Every Child is an Artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

I think with Joanne’s help we can hopefully nurture some lifelong artists. I can’t wait to get the artist in my family (my daughter Logan) in front of Pierce the HeArt Lessons. Enjoy her videos and sign up Le petite artiste in your family. 

Learn more about Pierce the HeArt Lessons and watch the first lesson at www.jypfineart.com/piercetheheartlessons

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