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We sat down with Sasha of Wyld Blue and had the most fun and interesting interview or shall i say “chat”. Read on to be a part of it!

Enid: Ok Sasha, Tell me all things Wyld Blue

Sasha: So Ollie and I have always thought about a retail space, a brand where you can sell all the cool things we come across and it’s representative of our lifestyle of the kids, travels, home. But there never seemed to be a good time our schedules were always so crazy and then then came the kids, ….

Enid: You can think of 1 million reasons why not so why not connect yourself with that one reason why to go for it!

Sasha: Yes exactly. I was looking for an easier window, maybe be a part of a friend’s store when all of a sudden I got a call from my friend Dylan Eckhart. He called me and told me he had a commercial space right in Montauk and I asked me if I knew anyone who would want to rent it from him and so I said “stuff it yes I do, I will rent the space.” That was 5 weeks ago.
Enid: from TODAY? 
Sasha: Yes, from today. I just said let’s do it and that night I barely got any sleep as I sat there googling: “how do I open a retail space? Point of Sale machines, renovations, paying vendors, sourcing all the brands and labels building the website, I wanted to have my own collection and I wanted to have children’s wear. We just got the keys on Monday. I have 2 girls that are going to man the shop and Ollie and I will be there as much as possible as well. 
Enid: So, how will you divide your time between Surf Lodge and Wyld Blue?
Sasha: I know when I need to be there. I am doing partnerships dealing with different brands. I think i have it figured out we will see how it goes. We are still working on Cinq. I am always working on all of the businesses at once It is never like one day I work on Surf, one day Wyld, one day Cinq, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s fine it’s only 15 weeks so its at least you know, it’s crazy but that it has an ending point. I think the plan is to go on a big buying trip in October to Turkey and Morocco and China and maybe Thailand or Bali. 
Enid: I think it is all of part of you and your brand so it totally makes sense to me.
Sasha: People are already asking about when I am opening in LA and NYC
Enid: And you are like “Hello, give me a second to one 1 please!”
Sasha: Exactly!
Enid: Tell me about the brands?
Sasha: We try to keep the brands very up and coming super cool. My go to brands very Australian Focused. Many of the brands that I wanted to collaborate with I have ended up carrying very beachy and very neutral. My customer is a girl that will wear a lace dress with a straw bag and Chanel accessories and she has cool kids that she likes dressing and spends money on their clothes.
Enid: How much of the store is Children’s brands?
Sasha: 1/3 children’s 1/3 home goods and 1/3 women’s
Enid: Ages for childrenswear?
Sasha: I am only going up to age 6 that’s what I know so I stuck to that.
Enid: Are you noticing a difference between girl and boy behaviors?
Sasha: OMG yes! Baybi is so much more wild than Rythm. She gets into everything we need baby proofing with her. She is all over everything and everywhere!
Enid: Haha yes, that is life with a girl for sure!
Sasha: Working from home is really a struggle. When I am home, the kids always want to be with me versus the nanny. Daycare was the best thing ever. The kids are there together and they both really enjoy it. I feel like this year even though I have more on the plate, the kids are settled and sorted. It seems less stressful
Enid: I barely remember a time without kids.
Sasha: I do, I look at my tan pictures on facebook and I look so rested.
Enid: So true. What else is going on with Wyld Blue? Whats the biggest stand out that we will get from going there?
Sasha: My collections that I am really excited about. I am obsessed with Metal Mesh/ Chain Mail and I have wanted to make my own dress, and the store created the perfect opportunity. I created the dress. I had it made. It was expensive as it is all hand done, but It happened and when i got the samples last week, Ollie took me right upstairs because it was so hot!😜
Enid: It’s the panty dropper. Okay, EVERY girl needs it! Sign me up, no joke!
Sasha: I am getting some limited pieces for opening. Silver and Gold dresses. Everything is very neutral in the store. I want to put a cool installation in the windows.
Enid: Will Ollie be spinning in the back of the store?
Sasha: Ollie is recording music in the city right now actually. I mean, we are all really busy. But it is all working out somehow.
Enid: So we can expect your store to open by Memorial Day?
Sasha: Yes, we will be open by Memorial Day! We will have our sign, our lights, and we will be good to go. Everything has to be expedited from abroad for the opening so it has been a manic situation the last few weeks and next few ones. It was stressful and a large risk but we are Go big or Go home!
Enid: Will you pop up at Surf Lodge?
Sasha: Hmm. didn’t think of that, but yes, that could be a good idea potentially.
Enid: What do you want to say to Hamptons Moms?
Sasha: I had a situation on Instagram that wasn’t meant to go to my DM about how I am not as good looking as Ollie, and about how it is so ridiculous that we get all of our things for free etc. It came on a day when I was just really stressed and had so much on my plate and It made me sort of upset that people only see one side of it.
Enid: Well I can attest to what a hard worker you are and I think you are a total inspiration. You prove that you really can have it all. You just have to put in the time and effort.
Sasha: All of the free things that I get, and the places I go, it’s not a handout. It all comes from a lot of hard work.
Enid: Whats a last parting word to say to the readers?
Sasha: I say you should go for it! Always just go take that risk if it fails, it fails. But at least you tried.
Enid: No regrets! I love it, Thanks for talking to us

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