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Enid: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview. 

Pamela: I’m happy to. I love educating people on what It is we do and the benefits of CBD and Cannabis on the body. 

Enid: It’s my understanding that you discovered CBD after exhausting all other options trying to treat your chronic migraines 

Pamela: That’s exactly right Enid. I discovered CBD almost as a last ditch effort ii have been prescribed everything under the sun as a response to my chronic migraine suffering and actually had built up a dependency to Vicodin toward the end of my pain journey. I was finally sent to a dispensary where I experimented with CBD with THC and eventually found the correct strain and within 3-6 months my migraines were completely eradicated. 

Enid: That is SO powerful. As a fellow working mother of 3 children I honestly feel so moved with how life changing CBD has been on your life. I discovered CBD as an answer to anxiety and an alternative to self medicating with wine because being a working mom of 3 is TOUGH! 

Pamela: Yes. It’s so funny you mention that because I stopped drinking wine for just that reason.  

Enid: You can obviously attest to the extremely positive effects of CBD oil on both a physical, emotional and spiritual level and frankly so can I which is why we are here talking but what do you say to the many that connect CBD to Marijuana and are skeptical. 

Pamela: This is an important point. I think it’s the reason why we are here. It all comes down to education. That’s why people like you are so critical to this. People want to hear real life narratives. They want to know that you were struggling with 3 kids and that bc of CBD you now are able to manage your work/life better. 

Enid: I agree a lot of people are not educated even miseducated on the difference between CBD and marijuana and cannabinoids and THC. I think it all stems from the vilification of Marijuana. There’s also not a lot of legal regulation of CBD and hemp. How do you Vett your brands for Hello MD

Pamela: Exactly people aren’t aware that Hemp and marijuana are different and that hemp is a remediating crop so it’s very critical to know where the hemp is growing and to really know your farmer. We try to vet brands that have only the highest quality hemp and cannabis (for our California marketplace) 

Enid: What would you say to a person that has chronic pain and has gone the painkiller rabbit hole route and isn’t interested in that and would rather take a more holistic plant medicine approach to pain management ?

Pamela: I would say visit us at HelloMD get yourself more up to speed on CBD and on the health benefits and how to figure out your dosage, what is right for you and most importantly to just keep an open mind and perhaps strip back some of the judgment you may have surrounding CBD and perhaps even cannabis and the cannabis community as a whole. Before I found CBD I too had my own judgments regarding the cannabis community which is why I’m so passionate about educating people on the positive health benefits of CBD and cannabis. 

Enid: Absolutely you know I’m more than happy to join the educational crusade as I can attest to the life changing benefits of CBD oil. To this day my 6 year old reminds me “mom, remember when you used to yell a lot I’m so glad you don’t now” amen Brady. Amen. You and me both buddy!

Pamela: Well, we can’t wait to live stream with you next Month and lets keep spreading the information about CBD

Enid: And definitely Visit @hellomd on Instagram or their website and try the incredible CBD brands that they have to offer whether you want a vape, tincture, gummy or tea they have you covered!

Pamela: Thank you so much for your support and for spreading the word on CBD and HelloMD

Enid: I’m just happy these platforms exist and I love advocating for causes important to shifting from overmedication nation to a return to plant medicine 

Pamela Hadfield Bio

Pamela Hadfield is a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of HelloMD, the largest online community of
health and wellness cannabis consumers. After treating her debilitating migraines with cannabis
successfully, Pamela launched HelloMD, initially as a telehealth service designed to connect medical
cannabis patients with doctors from the privacy of home. HelloMD has since expanded to include
community, educational content and now cannabis marijuana sales within California and CBD sales
across the United States. As a leading female executive and passionate spokesperson for one the fastest
growing industries in the world, Pamela has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Elle, Rolling
Stone, Huffington Post, ADR, Now This, Parade Magazine, CBS Sunday Morning, Harper’s Bazaar, LA
Weekly and Tech Crunch, among others.

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