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Today we sat down with Katerina Azarova the founder of Petit Maison Kids the beautiful children’s clothing online store
When did you start Petit Maison Kids?
I started the company in 2018, while on Maternity Leave. We traveled to the South of France for a Baby Moon. We were walking around town in Provence noticing how amazing European Children’s clothing was. That’s when I got the idea that we need better options and easier access to these fashions in the US.

What is your background? How did you get into children’s fashion?
I have worked as a Neurosurgery Physician Assistant for 15 years. It’s a very stressful, but rewarding career. It taught me the value of life and relationships. As well as, patience and how critical it is to pay attention to details.
More than anything, I have always loved fashion, designing, and decorating. But growing up as immigrants from Eastern Europe we were taught by parents that we have to become doctors or lawyers. So I never even thought to pursue those dreams.

Tell me more about the capes? When did the design idea come about?
To me, the capes are reminiscent of growing up in the Soviet Union. With those cold winters, parents would dress their kids in shearling and natural fur coats.
I wanted to create a more modern version, and one of high quality using Australian wool and a trendy sheepskin leather belt.

What can we expect from Petit Maison Kids in the next 6 mos? 1 year?
I have so many ideas. I’m looking forward to designing more children’s fashions and accessories. For instance, I’m currently also designing a faux fur cape for girls, which will debut in March.
In a year, I’m hoping to expand this line to include matching versions for Moms. Because, is there anything cuter than that?!

What’s your favorite part about working in children’s fashion?
I love curating new collections for the store and styling outfits for children. It’s like going on a huge shopping spree without feeling guilty afterwards.
But more importantly, it gives me a platform to give back to children’s causes. Part of our proceeds from children’s pajamas support the Chestnut Treehouse Hospice Care for Children and we donate books and toys for Mark’s Angels Foundation. As the company grows, I look forward to giving back more.

Least favorite aspect?
Being an entrepreneur has taken over a lot of my time. I’m constantly working on new ideas and ways to improve the shopping experience for my clients. Working with Europe, also means being available during the nighttime due to the different time zones. Between raising kids and the company, I barely have time for myself anymore.

What motivates you?
My family and my clients. I want to create and inspire. I’m always on the search for new and unique Designers. I love when my customers are happy.

How do you translate what you love to buying childrenswear ?
When I buy for the store, I think about my own experiences as a mom with what works and what doesn’t, as well as the feedback I get from clients. Style, quality, and function are important to me.
I love traditional clothing with a modern twist.

Do you feel children should be seen and not heard? Why or why not?
Children should be seen and heard. It’s our job as parents to raise responsible and successful members of society. I believe, letting them be heard and letting them express their style and creativity leads to being happier and more wholesome individuals. That’s why I feel it’s important to dress them for success.

What is it about your clothing that you want to translate to the hip mom on the go?
My goal is to have a one stop shop for busy moms like myself. I want to introduce new styles and fashion that’s hard to find elsewhere in the U.S. In addition, I try to provide super fast shipping because in the modern world, who wants to wait long?

How many brands do you work with?
I currently work with about 10-15 Brands, but I’m constantly adding to the list.

How many of the brands do you sell are you working closely with Vs brands that you hop to work with?
I have developed close relationships with a lot of the designers. They are amazing creative people that inspire me every day.
I’m currently collaborating with some of them to make exclusive designs just for my store.

Do you feel that the future is female?
Absolutely. Now more than ever, we are strong and there is no turning back.

Do you have a daughter?
Yes, my daughter Milana is 4 months old. I can’t wait for her to one day strut my designs. She, along with my son are my everything.

What sort of a precedent would you like to set for your children?
I want them to learn creativity and passion.
I want to show them that if you’re determined and work hard, anything is possible.

What is the favorite piece from this newest collection?
Definitely the Siberian Dream Cape. It’s so stunning, it’s a heads turner. I want girls to feel like Princesses when they wear it. And I think every girl deserves to feel like a Princess.
Thank you Katerina for taking the time to sit down with us.

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