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I sat down with Shira Adler “The Pot Mom” the other day for an interview. If you haven’t heard of Shira Adler then you are probably not into CBD oil as much as I am. Shira is a mother, author, speaker, wellness advocate, entrepreneur and investigator. She wrote the “Abc’s of CBD” The Essential Guide for Parents (and regular folks too). I have anxiety and I been using CBD for about 8 months to cope with it and I didnt know the facts about CBD, Hemp, Cannabis etc. If you are in the same boat I was in get ready to have your mind opened and your fact base heightened.

Enid: What is your background? How DID you become the “pot mom”?

Shira: 30 years ago I started my career in clergy and spiritual care. I learned early on where people hurt, what they need, and how to help them best. I made a transition to CBD because I realized that Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science can better serve what people need and why they need it.

Enid: When did you write the ABC’s of CBD?

Shira: That is a really powerful question. I wrote this book when my son was in residential treatment himself so when people want to know why I am so passionate about this industry. I have lived, breathed, researched, tested tried all of these products and information before I brought it to the public. I did this because I was a mom who has kids with a higher needs case like a lot of our kids today. I think that in general, as a society, we are overmedicated and underserved by a lot. And I thought to myself this doesn’t work for me as a mom or for anyone that I know. The information that I gathered through the pain of dealing with this with my own children became the book. Lots of research, lots of advocacy and activism made this book possible.

Enid: Got it, that’s incredible. And for someone that is out there that may be interested in trying CBD for the first time someone that (like myself) has anxiety and they don’t want to take Xanax or be medicated or frozen from emotions. How would you lead them in their CBD Journey?

Shira: First thing is to recognize that you don’t know what you don’t know. If your gut instinct is telling you that there is something better and more natural to try then follow that. I think intuitively a lot of the millenials are the first wave of there is something off and I want to try an alternative or integrative method and that to me is what CBD and cannabinoids do. I got my own kids off of hard core western medicine for anxiety, depression, PTSD, you name it. That’s what we did and that’s what my life is about. And I also worked in a mental health hospital as a spiritual care advisor so I totally understand and get that people have anxiety, depression, bipolar,schizophrenia and guess what? Cannabinoids can help you. My kids are not on meds but guess what they are on? CBD. My daughter has a medical marijuana card and guess what? we use it for her when she needs it. She alternates between CBD and medical marijuana. We have left behind the world of abilify and Zoloft and everything in between! Been there, done that and not going back.

Enid: Wow, and you think that CBD really is the answer to many of our society’s mental health problems?

Shira: Yes, I do. Based on my personal experience and that of my family 100%. Cannabinoids and CBD are a way out. To the people who are afraid I understand and I have been there. I was a former anti- pot parent. I get the stigma. But you have to be brave enough to jump down that rabbit hole and take your Cannacuriosity and start educating yourself and make a different choice based on what’s available and what you need to know. That’s my job now to educate others since I have already been through it. My kids are both activists too my daughter and I speak at press conferences they speak about their own personal experiences.

Enid: You brought up a good point before a lot of people are anti-marijuana anti- smoking pot. First because of the stigma but also because they don’t like the “high” that the THC gives them. A lot of people say they didn’t like marijuana because it makes them feel lazy and paranoid. So for people who are open for the health benefits of CBD but have had a bad experience with marijuana what would you tell them?

Shira: There are a couple different reasons why you may have had a bad experience with marijuana. #1 wrong strain #2 wrong cannabinoid combination in both Cannabis and hemp they are two different cultivations by the way I don’t know if people know this. They both have cannabinoids. You can smoke hemp and you can smoke cannabis full strain but what strain which type : Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, the density of the cannabinoids. if you smoke something that has too high in THC and little CBD you didn’t supply your brain in that moment with what it needed so the response would be more based on the incorrect product not the product itself. People that are afraid of trying again I have two things to say Hemp based CBD is not the same as Cannabis Based CBD and does not have the same level of THC organically in the product and by law has to have less that .3%

Enid: In terms of Delivery to your body. Do you use it in the dropper is that the easiest way.

Shira: In terms of CBD for basic health i think every mammal should be taking the same products since we are all wired with the same endocannabinoid receptor system. Many companies are missing the mark.

Enid: so you are saying that gummies or “edibles” are basically a fad since you have to digest it so how much CBD are you actually getting?

Shira: Exactly. The tinctures are absorbed directly so they are the best/easiest way then I enhance the CBD with aromatherapy. When you add plant medicine to the equation the taste and sensation are enhanced and amplified. Your endocannabinoid system is doing a “happy dance” because you are hitting your chakras mind, body, spirit and you’re boosting. Vaping is another way I just have an issue with where the oil is coming from so you need to make sure you get a clean trusted oil source.

Enid: Do you think CBD helps your system to balance?

Shira: Yes the CBD creates homeostasis in the body and the endocannabinoid system regulates all of your other systems so it works the same way as an opiod it attaches to the cannabinoid receptors but instead of shutting your breathing down. The CBD oil will naturally adjust your system based on what your body needs.

Enid: How many milligrams of full spectrum CBD oil should someone use regularly?

Shira: My family uses 1500 mg daily twice a day it works for kids with anxiety, depression, diabetes, hormonal issues. The same product works for all of these issues.

Enid: What do you think about companies rushing to the marketplace with CBD infused snack foods and food products? Do you think we are in a “green rush?”

Shira: They call it the green rush and I just want them to “slow down” its like madness out there. Think and be mindful first as a consumer. Be intuitive. Think of it more as the “green renaissance” consider “what is this plant designed to do? What is best for me and how do I want to use it?’

Enid: Do you think CBD is applicable for everyone young and old? And what about people who say they don’t want to feel altered?

Shira: CBD does not alter you if it is derived from Hemp. THC and CBD are different cannabinoids. You don’t get the euphoria from CBD that you get from THC. You wont be altered or elevated by using CBD and although people panic about the trace amount of THC (.3%) it doesn’t cause a high or get into your brain. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion about this and we are fighting against 80 years of stigma and prohibition.

Enid: How does one know the right tincture to take? I mean we can buy it from you but how else do you find out what the safe and healthy tincture is?

Shira: You can ask me questions directly and read my book I describe what to look for specifically when buying CBD oil.

Enid: What about if you bought a CBD tincture and you want to know if it is good, what are some signs that you should look for/stay away from?

Shira: Try not to buy blind or off the internet. No MLM companies and read the label. It should not have a lot in it outside of CBD it will normally have MCT oil as the carrier oil. It is normally gold looking so it should not be too light or too dark. Both ends of the spectrum mean they have other stuff inside other ingredients mean the strain is not pure so it won’t work as well. If it says legal in all 50 states stay away. if it says full spectrum but also 0% THC thats a red flag because in order to be full spectrum it has to have .3% or less THC. Watch for the mislabeling. You can ask for their lab reports and you should be able to ascertain the way the hemp was grown etc.

Enid: Knowing about the farm is important when picking your CBD oil? how so?

Shira: Hemp is a remediation plant which means that its root system absorbs and cleans toxins from the soil however if your farm was used to plant other types of crops and they used pesticides and then use that same soil for the hemp cultivates then your hemp is going to be tainted with those pesticides.

Enid: where are some good clean hemp farm states? New York? Colorado?

Shira: New York is dubbed the Hempire state because it has dedicated more money in resources than any other state in the union which is pretty interesting. Colorado, Washington state, Oregon they have good soil procedures for the most part. Know your farm and know your farmer. You want to trace where the Hemp came from.

Enid: Thoughts on CBD used to treat children?

Shira: Huge proponent of CBD for children. Especially in this culture of kids and teens self medicating. The only thing Cannabis is a gateway for is Wellness. Misuse and the way a product is manipulated or if it has synthetics in it causes the addiction. CBD is very safe and very pure and so appropriate for children, nursing mothers and pregnant mothers.

Enid: Thank you so much I hope everyone goes out and gets your book!

Here are a few key facts from Shira’s book that I found fascinating:

  • There are over 140 cannabinoids in Cannabis of which CBD is one of.
  • Cannabinoids are neuromodulators for many different processes, mood regulation, skin responses, motor skills, appetite, digestion, and feeling pain.
  • Take 2.5 -120 mg of CBD by mouth daily for 2-15 weeks to find a consistent level that works for you. Increase to up to 4 times daily of 2.5-120 mg as needed. You can not overdose of CBD.

Check out Shira’s book on Amazon and one of her Articles in the HuffPost.



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