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After scaling their neighborhood women’s clothing boutique into a fashion phenomenon they walked away from it all to charter a new course into the wellness space with their CBD Brand Mindset Wellness.

Their story is similar to many others who are over-prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication their whole lives. Co-founder Jon, after a lifetime of prescription meds, realized he was out of balance. These prescriptions he had been taking for years and years were no longer serving his mind/body/spirit. Jon decided to get off the pharma hamster wheel and make a change for good!

Jon and Rene discovered CBD and that’s when it all changed. It took time but soon enough his mind and body rebalanced.

Inspired by how CBD made them feel, they chose a new mindset and decided to share their experience with the world.

Their new mindset included René opening up their world to mindfulness and manifestation and becoming a meditation instructor. It was these new changes that in turn began to create peace and harmony within their lives during an otherwise chaotic time.

The positive effects of their new mindful lifestyle created a passion for learning more about the endocannabinoid system. They started learning more about how these signaling molecules which help regulate many of our bodily processes such as pain, memory, mood, immunity, and stress. Their journey to learn more about how these molecules work in our bodies launched Mindset Wellness the CBD brand they own and operate.

From gummies to tinctures (drops) depending on your preference you can choose your mindset which makes taking CBD really easy because you can choose how you want to feel.

You can choose from :

  • Happy
  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Health
  • Rest
  • Beauty


Mix and match try them all (they sell samplers!) then re-order the one(s) that works best for your body.


Use Code Hamptonsmoms for 20% off and FREE shipping!


Mindset Wellness is excited to be partnering with Energi for a 3-month residency… including a retail activation, where mindset products can be sampled and purchased, as well as Energi X Mindset classes and events. Starting Oct 15. 182 Lafayette St, Soho, NY.

Mindset Wellness is excited to be joining Cameron Silver at his Decades Pop Up Shop. Mindset will be on hand with samples and products to purchase. Oct 8-12. Torch’d Shoppe,, Wainscott. 



Choose your Mindset today visit them at:

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